Class 5

Seguro, Arizona is the definition of a quiet desert town. An oasis, hours away from the nearest city.

However, on this night, a mechanical malfunction has triggered a desperate and vicious pursuit through the desert. Hunter and hunted alike are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed in their missions and neither is going to let anything stand in their way.

Unfortunately, for the residents of Seguro, their quiet little town is about to become the center of a deadly game of hide and seek...

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As I first started to read this I thought it would be a cliched alien novel, it turned out to be an exciting and action packed story that kept you reading .
- Wayne Crich, Three stars on

This was a fun read!...The story reminds me of Men in Black with the unique alien and clandestine government action but it is definitely more hardcore.
- Matthew, Five stars on

The second novel by new author, Shaun Horton, Class 5 displays a sure and deft hand in quickly setting up its darker take on a Men in Black premise: An alien has crashed near a small town in the Arizona desert, and the army - fully aware of the occasional incursion of various alien beings - sends out a team of soldiers to take down the alien and see to anyone who catches a glimpse of the creature. There's no cartoon-like "flashy thing" here, however. Instead, in Horton's universe, the soldiers ruthlessly eliminate anyone who sees too much, setting up a double threat that the innocent civilians in Seguro may never escape from. Complicating matters still further is Horton's rather original addition to the threat posed by his alien. Essentially the creature is covered by spores that become lethal to humans if they are exposed to them for any length of time.

What if, instead of making flowers bloom and re-purposing spelling toys, E.T. had opted instead to simply bite Elliot’s face off and snack on the delightful meat within? That’s a pretty close description of how the reader is brought into the world of Class 5 by Shaun Horton. In this world, alien invasions, while not necessarily commonplace, are a cataloged phenomena, with an entire elite military division dedicated to keeping them a secret. I almost said “protecting civilians from the alien threat”, but not so much.

My first thought upon finishing this book was, “This is a conspiracy theorist’s wet dream! We’ve got aliens and government cover-ups.” I liked this book, but it didn’t leave me wanting more. The story told what it needed to tell and didn’t leave anything left unanswered or hanging out there for interpretation… and that’s a good thing.
- Desiree Putaski, The Bookie Monster (click for the full review)