Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving.

To start with, I would like to say to everyone in the US, Happy Thanksgiving. In all the rush to stuff your faces and get out to jump in line for the Black Friday sales, please don't forget the real reason for this holiday weekend. Be thankful for what you have, because at almost any moment, you could lose some of it. On Tuesday of this week, my grandpa passed away after nine years of being bedridden with dementia and Alzheimer's. It was a long time coming, but that doesn't take away any of the pain, especially at this time of year where family is supposed to be so important. So please pause and think about and give thanks for what you have on this holiday. Not everyone is so lucky.

As for an update on my current works, before my grandpa passed away I was too excited to have finished my first draft of my novel and started revising already. I only have comments so far from two of the five people I sent drafts to, but initial opinions are very good and I've had several people request the chance to read it or share it with their friends. It is very tempting, but it's something I need to restrain myself on. After all, if everyone's read it before it gets published, nobody's going to want to buy the book. Anyway, I've already started revision which includes printing the entire manuscript out to go over it by hand. That's my personal preference. I like to write out the whole first draft on my computer, then print it out to check over the work before making the changes on the document electronically.

I had several ideas for this post, which include a discussion of the current incarnations of vampires, a look at how to make a good villain, the pros and cons of a character-driven story, and the importance of in-between scenes. The events of the week, combined with the holiday though have encouraged me to put a few things on the back burner. Just for this week though. I understand that life can't be put on hold for any reason for any real length of time, no matter how we might feel about it. At the same time though, some events require you to pause and reflect on them. So thank you for understanding as I pause during this difficult time. Next week I'll have a new post on one of the above subjects.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving and be grateful for the chance to spend your time with family.

~ Shaun

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