Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Obey the Marker...

Whew, a lot going on this week. This'll either be short and sweet, or long and convoluted. Still, let's get started, shall we?

First off, I'm still playing around with the page, and while the jury is still out on adding the wolf that follows your mouse around and howls as the moon in it's little box, I have added links above the posts where you can see where else I travel. That includes my Facebook page, Twitter and Youtube. In addition, I've signed up on Goodreads.com where you can see what I'm reading, what I have read and what I thought about what I've read. If you spend a lot of time with your nose in a book, I'd recommend giving it a look. It's like one big online book club.

As always, when you wander into a new place, you run the risk of meeting new people. As it happens, I've met a few myself already from Goodreads. One of them being Miss Louise West, who tagged me in a little thing called the 7-77 blog challenge. The idea is simple, you post up 7 lines from either page 7 or page 77 (Or I'm sure page 777 works too if you're working on a real beast of a manuscript) of your current work in progress, then you tag 7 other writer/bloggers to continue the exercise. You can see her whole post at her blog. Louise's Love of Life.  When am I going to get to it? Well, good question. I have a few works in progress at the moment to pick from so that's fine. It's just finding seven people to let me tag them. I'll drop that into the next blog that I can though.

A lot happened this past weekend. We had Beyonce singing, we lost power at the Superbowl, and we got the lights back on at the Superbowl. There was also something about commercials and two teams of large men smearing each other into the ground over a ball. Oh, and I got my first draft of my novel Neighbors back from the editor. Her suggestions made sense and weren't entirely unexpected. I was a little disheartened with just how much red is in the manuscript though. Still, I'm learning as I go what my weaknesses are and things I need to watch. For example, I don't actually understand how to use a semi-colon, and I REALLY like the short American phrase "ok". (I used it around 500 times in that first manuscript.) So my other works in progress are getting a short break while I go through doing my editor's fixes and following some suggestions that were made. I'm hoping to get this done and back to her by early next week though. From there it should only take a couple weeks until I have the finished product. After that, I'll just need a good cover and it'll probably only be a matter of a couple weeks before it's up on Amazon.

Why some people think violence, gore, and revulsion make a good horror story, I still don't know.

Also, I know it's a spam mail, but why in the hell would you name an email address Suggestive Enema?

Well, that probably means I'm about out of news. The only other things going on is the release of Dead Space 3 for the Playstation is today, so I'll probably go grab that and hope it doesn't distract me too much. (Who the hell am I kidding? I'm probably not going to get anything else done until I've beaten it at least twice.) If you have a Playstation 3 and enjoy horror survival games, I promise you will love the Dead Space series. It's the best one to come out since the original Resident Evil. I also seem to be fighting off the flu bug that's going around, so that'll eat into my time this week too.

See you in the funnies.

~ Shaun


  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I hope you find your willing victims- sorry- writers to tag soon ; )

  2. Thanks. :-) I'm nothing if not professional and courteous. Figured I should do the shout-out right away, as it may take a while for me to round up 7 more writer/bloggers for the exercise.