Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My plans for 2016

Hi everybody! I hope you all made it through New Year's Eve without too much trouble, or pending litigation. Mine was just a quiet night at home, pondering over what I was going to do about the coming year. I've come up with quiet a few ideas and plans that will hopefully keep me busy, and make 2016 my most successful year yet as an author.

This isn't going to be a long blog post, but I wanted give you guys a heads-up on what to expect from me in the coming year.

First off, I slacked off way too much last year as far as writing goes. I had a few short serials on here and wrote up a couple other short stories, but that was it. This year, I'm making writing a daily exercise, a minimum of 500 words a day. Some of them will be for submissions and collections, but some will likely be posted up here on the blog for all of you to enjoy.

I also want to make it clear, I'm going to get this blog back on track. A new post will be up every Tuesday. I've had some issues keeping that schedule the past couple years, but this is one of my goals for this year.

Of course, I have a few series running that are going to continue. My posts of monsters will continue until there's at least 31. Whether we get there this year, that's something we'll have to wait and see.

Reviews of TV shows, Movies, and Video games will continue as well. I may also infrequently post up book reviews on here, instead of just on Goodreads. If anything else particularly interesting and relevant pops up and I deem it worth it, I may even review that too. We'll see.

I plan on looking back over previous posts that I've done, and updating them, considering this blog has been running for several years now. Some of the information in those early posts may need to be updated, or simply be things where I've learned otherwise since then. Part of the reason for this blog was to track and share my own experiences as I wandered through the Publishing/Self-publishing worlds, and I'm learning more on a daily basis. Sometimes I may not even realize how a thought or opinion has changed since I first started, but they're all worth sharing. 

I also plan to continue with new posts on Writing and the Horror genre, so look forward to those as well. 

Now we get to my departure for the year. As I've stated on here previously, in addition to straight Horror, I've also always been a fantasy fan. I've always loved dragons, dinosaurs, Godzilla, etc. etc. And one of my aspirations is to pen a Fantasy novel. I have an entire world, story, and characters drawn up, but it just hasn't felt like the 'write' time. (hehe). Well, to help spur that right time, and with a little inspiration from some current reading, I've decided to do up a few short stories set in that world and post them up here to my blog this year. We'll see how that shapes up and works out, but it's worth a try. 

That brings me to my little piece of advice for today's post. Don't be afraid to branch out, experiment, and try new things. They might work, and they might not, but you can't let fear hold you back. 

And that is the essence of why we enjoy Horror. 

~ Shaun

(And yes, the point of this post is partially to ensure I don't miss the first post of the year, even though I didn't actually have anything good ready to go. :-P Sue me.) 

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