Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lots of news.

Yay! I've got a lot going on this week, so lets get to it.

My first short horror novel, The Unknown Neighbor, is almost ready to be published. Cover art was finished this past weekend and now it's just waiting for Amazon's approval before they send me the proof for my approval and then I can hit the big, glowing Publish button. If you want to know more about this work, there's this:

Carla Carvine is a typical single mom, working full-time and carefully managing her money. She gets along well with her daughters and most of her neighbors. Her life may not be perfect, but her street and home are nice, quiet, and most importantly, safe.

When she wakes up late one night, all that changes. She discovers news about a murder on her street, shaking her world to its foundation, making her question the safety of her daughters, and the truth of the neighbors she thought she knew. As she struggles to hold herself together amid her fears and confusion, she starts to wonder if there might be even more going on that she's unaware of.

The truth she finds is worse than even her fearful imagination could have envisioned and as she is pushed to her limit, she wonders if she will have the strength to protect her daughters...

And then there is this:

Very exciting stuff for me, and for those of you who have kept up with me since I started working on this seriously. But that's not the only news I have. 

Since I decided it was time to start working on my stuff as a professional writer, there's two blogs I've been following for advice, information and ideas. One of those is A Newbie's Guide to Publishing written by the very knowledgeable and experienced Joe Konrath. The other is My Name is Not Bob written by Robert Lee Brewer a professional poet and editor. It was in fact a series by Mr. Brewer on his blog about building your writer platform (So far, I think all I've managed is to build a soapbox, but I digress.) that led to me starting this very blog. As it happens, Mr. Brewer put out a call on his blog for guest posts talking about how his plan for working on a writer's platform has worked for people. I answered, wrote up a short post and as I sit here typing this out to you, I have a reply and a tentative date set for April the 8th for my post to go up. Of course, I'll be posting reminders on my Facebook page as it gets closer to the date, since that is two weeks out still and it could change, but still, that is some great news in and of itself.

I even have one more project in the pipeline that I still can't tell you all about yet. Very exciting stuff. 

On top of that I'm already about thigh deep in two more books that I'm working through and hope to get out before the year is out. On top of that I have several short stories already finished and I'm looking at a short story collection before the end of the year too. Lots in the works, fingers crossed it all works out and this is my year. 

Rather surprised at how much space I've taken up with just all my news. So I won't go on to a whole other subject after you've read that much. Short and sweet this week. (Comparatively). So everyone take care this week and hopefully everyone else will get a little good news too. 

~ Shaun 

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  1. sooooooo proud of you!! its about time all of this came together!! congrats little brother!! Kelley :)