Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Unknown Neighbor - Now available on and in the Kindle e-store!

Finally! My debut novel is out there to check out! I can't express what an accomplishment this feels like, check it out below.

Here you can find it on my author's page on Amazon.

For a taste, here's the front cover art and the back cover description.

Carla Carvine is a typical single mom, working full-time and carefully managing her money. She gets along well with her daughters and most of her neighbors. Her life may not be perfect, but her street and home are nice, quiet, and most importantly, safe.

When she wakes up late one night, all that changes. She discovers news about a murder on her street, shaking her world to its foundation, making her question the safety of her daughters, and the truth of the neighbors she thought she knew. As she struggles to hold herself together amid her fears and confusion, she starts to wonder if there might be even more going on that she's unaware of.

The truth she finds is worse than even her fearful imagination could have envisioned and as she is pushed to her limit, she wonders if she will have the strength to protect her daughters...

Check it out, enjoy, and don't forget to rate and review.


  1. Sounds good, I'll take advantage of the offer. :-) I have two books sent to me for review on the go, but will read it after that, and will be happy to do a review.

  2. Thanks. :-) I would greatly appreciate a review from a professional.