Monday, May 12, 2014

Horror Shorts

In the mood for a good scare or horror tale, but don't feel like curling up on the couch or digging through your kindle to see what you haven't read yet? Well, there are other options. (Warning, lots of links and interactivity today.)

There's always video games. Series like Resident Evil and Dead Space are good for a few scares, and there look to be some real gems coming out in the near future like Outlast and The Evil Within.

I'm not focusing on video games in this post though. This week, what I'm talking about to satisfy your Horror appetite are Shorts. Short Horror movies you can find on Youtube and Vine. You can find just about any length from a couple to fifteen or twenty minutes long, and there are some real nice works as well.

I'm not just talking about homemade "Running through the woods, breathing hard" videos some guy threw together in the woods behind his house. A lot of these videos are made by people that have put some real work into them and quite a few are done by film students for contests or even for school, so there are some that are really high quality.

Of course, some don't need a real fancy video to be suitably creepy.

Some of you may be familiar with CreepyPasta, which is where some of these short story readings come from. I also want to share with you this video, which is a reading of a short story by the talented Karl Drinkwater


Of course, there are the actual short horror videos to catch as well. And not just in regular screen versions. Some, like this next video can even be watched in 3D if you happen to have the correct glasses handy. 

I mentioned some videos were done by film students, didn't I? So I think it would be a bit remiss of me to not include a couple of those before closing out the post. The videos pretty much speak for themselves, so, enjoy. 

So, keep heart, Horror fans, there's plenty of stuff to keep you up at night no matter your format or how much time you have. Don't be afraid to try your hand at making your own either if you're so inclined. Opportunities are there. 

~ Shaun

(You would not believe how hard it was to do this short post. Youtube is the KING of distractions, even when you know what you're looking for.)

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